Omg, I so loved my experience. I had my eyelashes done and love them. I am really excited to try the other services. So so happy to have discover this little slice of magic!!

                                                                                              - Karenne D. (via Yelp) 9/2/2015

Would give this place 10 stars if I could! Wow! What an incredible experience!!!!! The wife was having a birthday and I couldn't figure out what to do so, like usual, I relied on my Yelp buddies to help me out! Found L.A. Express in Burbank and, after reading all the great posts boasting about their wonderful services, I decided to do this! Called Collette there, the owner and found out what she had to offer, and I decided to go with the Infrared Body Wrap and the teeth whitening at the same time to pamper my lady! Collette is SO sweet and enthusiastic about what she does, and I couldn't help but get excited with her great planning and attitude! Drove over there Monday and the wife had no idea what was in store for her! And what a treat it was!! By the time we arrived, Collette had prepared the entire door of my wife's private room with a big Happy Birthday decoration as well as IN her room with another Happy Birthday banner over her bed. Also, (are you ready for this?) she actually went to the local bakery Portos and got special cupcakes, and other high-end goodies for not just her, but for me too! She even had candles! Wasn't expecting that! I'm telling you, she went WAY over he top here to make it special! Pulled out all the stops, she did! Boy, they really pamper you like a star! Yes, she made it a VERY happy birthday indeed! Wife was really happy with the treatment! Looks like now my daughter will be next as she was kinda jealous at how white mama's teeth were and she wants some too! Tony, who helped out was incredibly nice too! I'll tell ya, of all the Yelp posts I've made, this business, and definitely these people, are some of the most fantastic I've encountered ever! Hey, for me, that's really sayin' a lot, guys! And never have I felt so good saying it to you! If you would like some of these services, and they do lots of other stuff too, I might add, if you go somewhere else, I gotta say you're blowing it! I just can't picture a better experience or that nicer, more incredibly gracious people even exist!!

                                                                                                                                                                      - R.H. (via Yelp) 8/24/2015

Updated Yelp review (8/3/2015):  I have come here for many services and I have always been so happy with the customer service and quality of the products.

I finally decided to do their weight loss program where they guarantee you will lose at least 15 pounds, but up to 40 pounds in less than a month. Even though these people are great, I was really skeptical but, I figured they guarantee it so why not give it a shot. I had tried everything else and I really had nothing to lose. But I'm actually really surprised to say, it's been two weeks and I've lost over 25 pounds. I am amazed at the results - amazed. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone.

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

Great place with excellent customer service. I came here for the infrared body wraps.  It was one of the best things I have done for myself in a long time.  It was so relaxing and I felt amazing afterward.  I got to watch Damages on Netflix while I sweat the calories off.  They brought me ice water and a cold towel for my forehead as often as I wanted. Great service.

Got teeth whitened during the wrap and I see a huge difference. The mineralization gel at the end is a must. Felt great.

Definitely recommend and will be back.

                                                                                                                                                                            - Tim O. (via Yelp) 7/16/2015

This place is not even 1 mile from my house so it was the most convenient place to go for body wraps. I had done body wraps before and always hated it but this places body wrap was different. Its thermo red so you loose fat not just water weight. After my first 45 minute session i lost 0.5 pounds. While I was getting my second body wrap I decided to get my teeth whitened too since I noticed A LOT of people were coming in for teeth whitening while I was there. WOW my teeth are so white now that my friends joke that it glows in the dark. Since I liked the body wrap and teeth whitening I decided to try the other service they offer which is eye lash extensions. I always pick my eyelashes so I had a lot of gaps. I am now in love w the way my eyelashes look. I went on vacation and everyone asked me about my eyelashes and where I got them done.Type your paragraph here.

                                                                                                                                                            - Genius A. (via Yelp) 8/14/2015

Stopped in just to check it out, ended up with a fantastic experience of teeth whitening. I've done teeth whitening before at the dentist but the process was cumbersome (and expensive) and took weeks. This was 15 minutes while watching TV. And Colette, the owner made the process seamless. She was awesome! Space was clean and breezy. Highly recommend. Will go back for a body wrap next!

                 - Sonya D. (via Yelp) 7/21/15

Collette is an absolute doll very sweet and kind, completely go to LA Express I loved it.

- Jenn A. (via Groupon) 7/2/2015

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This place is awesome. I immediately felt welcomed by the staff. I came in for a body wrap, what a great experience. It was way better than I expected. The place was clean and very classy and the rooms were very cute and cozy. They really pay attention to all the details. During the treatment, it was like a spa. I watched Netflix and Bravo and they came in to check on me either bringing me chilled cucumber water or putting an amazing cool towel on my forehead.

I forgot to take pics but I already made another appointment so I will upload some next time!

Highly recommended!

- Nancy E. (via Yelp) 6/26/2015

Hi again,

I just wanted to thank you again for the excellent service and attention to detail.  It was so nice to come in for the body wrap (which was really awesome), but it was even better to have you take such good care of me (and my son).  You were so sweet and thoughtful offering both of us water and towels and making us both feel completely at home.  I can't thank you enough,  I will be back again and I will tell all my friends.  See you soon.

- Cathy W. (via email) 7/2/2015

I got a groupon for the infrared body wrap. When I was there they told me about the teeth whitening and I went ahead and tried it since you can do it at the same time as the wrap.  There is 2hr street parking right out front of the store.
The store was clean and everyone was very friendly.
There's a nice clean bathroom in the back of the store.

They were able to work with my friend who had her arm wrapped after a hand surgery so that she could still enjoy the wrap and whitening. I appreciate how Collete prepared for her situation and even had plans in case anything became a concern.

They have tvs and pandora in each of the wrap rooms. And Collete was great at checking in on us often to make sure things were ok and to give us water or cold wash clothes.

The rooms have plenty of towels and some spray deodorant for when you finish. And I recommend bringing a change of clothes as I was soaked afterward.

The teeth whitening was awesome, I did the 30min treatment and it whitened even my worst teeth all to an excellent pearly white. I splurged on the mineral gel treatment afterward just to help keep my teeth from being too sensitive. My friend did the 15min treatment and hers looked amazing too!

Very satisfied with my visit and hope to return again.

- Kelly E.  (via Yelp) 7/3/2015

Ok, so I am a dude.  I was a little apprehensive about coming into what I thought was a chic place.  I read the reviews and my girlfriend wanted to go so I figured - why not?  I have to say that my experience was consistent with the other reviews.  Great service, clean and classy looking facility and rooms.  I came in for a body wrap and I am actually going to come back for teeth whitening.  

The body wrap was really cool and they have a good set-up going.  I felt invigorated when I got out of the bed and I could feel by body burning calories at a higher rate for the rest of the day.  My temperature was higher and I was hungry - I think I burned a LOT of calories.  

You will be sweaty.  But, they had deodorant in the room which was nice.  I got to watch ESPN while in the wrap.  My gf said she watched Bravo.

I will come back for the teeth whitening and the wraps too - even without the girlfriend.  Upscale joint not just for chics.  Overall, great find in Burbank.

Colin K. (via Yelp) 7/1/2015

Updated Yelp review (7/16/2015): One of my favorite places. I signed up for an unlimited monthly body wrap plan. I got 2 free teeth whitening sessions when I signed up. Very cool.  I combine the teeth whit if with the body wrap.

I love the wrap rooms. The whole place is very upscale and they pay attention to every detail. Not only have I lost a few inches but I feel better, have more energy and my skin is tighter. This is just something that I decided to to for myself and I couldn't be happier!

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - 

I really like this place. Great overall.

They have quality products and you actually SEE the results. I have been here for both teeth whitening and body wraps.  

I have gotten my teeth whitened at other places and I don't see much of a difference or I feel like I am on an assembly line. At la express, I feel important and as though I am the most important person. Same experience with the body wraps.  Actually felt like I was in a little spa and completely pampered.

They always let me know the options but it is never a pushy up sell.

Worth every penny. I will be back soon.

- Alicia T. (via Yelp) 7/1/2015