We can craft the perfect package for your event!  Some examples include:

- Birthday/Anniversary Surprise Packages: Just let us know what your significant other likes and we will make the experience enjoyable (for both of you)!  Some examples include: surprise birthday/anniversary/date teeth whitening and infrared body wrap packages.  Or, a facial and eyelash extension combo!  Where we will decorate our infrared body wrap room for the event and provide specialty treats for you and your guest.  Just give us a call and we will customize your experience.

- Bridal Parties (mixed or just women): teeth whitening and lash parties.  For example we have provided 15 or 30 minute teeth whitening (for both men and woman) and provide quicky lashes (about 30 minutes per gal).  We serve several people at once.  The people that are waiting can chill out drinking Champaign and snacking on sweets to be determined as we plan the event.  Our mimosa bridal parties are a huge hit everytime! 

- Special Events (graduation, birthday, promotion, etc.) - we can put together the perfect package for your event and cater to your specific needs.  We can do teeth whiteing and/or eyelash parties. 

  • Want to surprise someone for their birthday?

  • Having a special event? 

  • Looking fun bridal party events? 

  • Or, just looking for a group discount? 

We can craft a package to suit any event or budget. 

Call 855 LA EXPRESS today!  855-523-9773

We welcome the opportunity to plan a special event for an individual or group or people.  If you come in a group of 4 or more,  you will all get 25% off.

If you host a party of 6 or more - your services are free and your guests save too!